Feeding a 5 month old baby - how?

Here I was thinking there was nothing new under the sun since I had my younger daughter 6 years ago. Fast forward to now, with the newest addition being 5 months old now. And I have found so many new things are under the sun after all!

This is one of my favorite new fangled baby ideas...
The Sassy Teething Feeder - The Boy adores his. I've only put ice cubes in so far but they've certainly done the trick when it comes to soothing the aches in his mouth and distracting him from the whining... thank goodness.

Anyone got other "new" ideas for me? I'd love to hear about them.

Cute and cheap back to school shirt

This year, we're at an awkward size stage where nothing in the stores seems to fit quite right. That may be due, in part, to our small-ish town not having loads of shopping options...
My 8 year old daughter's t-shirts fit properly but she doesn't want plain jane t-shirts now! I found these two ideas for t-shirt alterations. I love the first one especially but the second one in addition to another layer as seen in this FABulous new trend - Modesty, ie. layering t-shirts and tank tops - we've got a great new look that will take us well into fall. Winter... we'll see what I can come up with.
Found a truly great deal on tights a while back - they were so cheap, I bought some in my size, too! Back to my youth - even then, I KNEW should have kept my leg warmers and tights! :-)

(Oh, by the way, yesterday I made a second batch in as many days of the pancakes below... with a few changes which I'll post later. They are disappearing fast! One daughter likes 'em warmed up so she just pops them in the toaster. Thank goodness for these pancakes! I love the ingredients. I think I'll even put them in their lunches!!! My BF was asking me about an alternative to sandwiches for her daughter ... I've got an idea for her now.)

We'll see what this post is called when I'm done...

I'm not sure what's going on with that other post about the pancakes! I edited it and lost bunches of post! Silly mommy!

I'm back from shopping for what I needed to complete the ingedients list for the Awesome Oatmeal pancakes. If they're as awesome as they sound, you'll see the link! {I'm betting they are, mommies know!}

Official start time - 3 pm.
- saved a draft copy... not going through that again!

By 3:20 I had the first set of pancakes, now called Mommy's Oppy-cakes, on the griddle. Had to step out to meet the school bus at 3:40 - kept them warm and the girls loved 'em! I had more on the griddle but they were done with that first batch and cryin' for more before they were done!

One likes them without syrup - my dear who dislikes sugar - and the other likes them with, of course. BUT, without exception, everyone in the family likes them and I feel like a *good mom* having fed them omegas, whole grains, eggs and no stuff I can't pronounce! Wow!

Yay! A great day in the household.


Awesome kid and family friendly recipes alert!

I never seem to stop searching for food everyone will eat. As many times as I say "this is not a restaurant, dinner is dinner - eat!" almost invariably, the next night I'm making everyone different things. It's gotten down to making my Guy what he likes too... ACK!

So, here are some healthy, delicious to-one-and-all recipes. Some of them take more time but if they'll all eat the same thing for a change, it's actually saving time! (Think fewer dishes, less coordination of boiling, baking and chopping all to arrive on the table simultaneously... priceless.)

Mama Manifesto: So Much Better Than IHOP Oatmeal Pancakes!!! I am trying these tonight. I'll report back but they look so good...

More Homemade Halloween costumes

Alright, still refining my "here's what you can choose from" list...
This site - Disney FamilyFun Halloween costume ideas - has a VERY big list of ideas. And they are pretty unique ideas, too! Thank goodness, since the last thing my 8 year old daughter wants is to have the same costume as someone else. Here they even have a video of how to create the Bubble Bather costume which I really like!

Here's a thought - two boxes, one on top of the other, painted white - with black dots - ... a pair of dice!?! I could be that... maybe I could even get some faux fur to put around the edges and be fuzzy dice!

Now, much along the same lines as the Bubble Bather costume above, this Basket of laundry costume for kids or grownups is IDEAL for our house... we only have to cut the hole in the bottom of one of the many laundry baskets around and we're done! ;-)

I've said too much - hahahaha - if I were doing laundry, how could I get you this list???

Here is one for either of my daughters 6 or 8 years old - Cotton Candy - super easy to do (or so it would seem) and the girls have been begging for some of the actual stuff... missing summer already, they are!

Well, thank goodness the kids are at school. I've got to prep some dinner and run through a load of laundry (need to free up a basket for the Halloween costume!) so I'll be back with more ideas later. I try to think stuff up while I clean - why waste good "mind time"?

MostlyMommies - WebMom

Quick post for a new game for kids

Hi all,

We received an email a few weeks back, telling us about this cute website:
Bunny Bread games for kids - there is a memory game for younger (maybe 4 or 5?) kids but the Numbers game will definitely be for kids 8 and up. You start from a square with a number on it that says how many squares you can move - and it gets more complex from there.

Okay - I didn't want to let down our contributors who actually take the time to send us a game link! We truly appreciate the help finding games for kids - and I love having my kids review them! :-) I'll try to add this to MostlyMommies games page asap.

MostlyMommies - WebMommy

Homemade Halloween costumes

Sure, it sounds easy enough and oh-so back to basics, making your child a Halloween costume at home. Obviously, you want one that stands out and makes your child proud! Don't even get me started on the whole "inappropriate costumes for girls" concept here... I can dedicate a whole post some other time. Suffice it to say, none that you'll find here will add "tartification" to your family's Halloween.

I've been searching for years - YEARS - for the best costumes that I can make at home. I am not an advanced seamstress but I can and do sew and I am a wannabe master at papier mache projects. (Art Attack - still my favorite craft site after all these years!) I also like knitting but I can't complete projects in a timely manner!

This is a great find -
Homemade Halloween makeup, blood and bruises
- I hate putting on waxy, mystery substance makeup on the girls' faces. They get rashy a little too easily for that. I think I'll feel better about this kind.

Bubble bath costume
- awww.... I hope I can get one of the girls to try this one out in 2008. It looks easy and unique. I think if I really promote the glitter and balloons, I may be able to get my 8 year old girl to take this one on.

Dresser or chest of drawers - as long as it's not too heavy, this could be cool. I don't think it would be school friendly though. The school bus ride alone would be awkward, never mind navigating such a boxy costume into a desk! But - for around the neighbourhood - a rockin' idea.

Okay, saving the best for last - or should I say - what MOMMY can do at the last minute to get dressed up for Halloween, too! One year, I was invited to a family friendly Halloween party and I got the girls' costumes all together and done up and we were all set to go when I realized I didn't have any costume for myself! I had seen it once at a party when I was in my... hmmm... younger years let's say ;-)) - I raced to the kitchen, grabbed the tin foil and wrapped my arms and torso - if you DO have a minute, get a friend to help. Then I fashioned a hat (you know, one of those "aliens are beaming thoughts into my head and this stops them" kind of caps?) and set it on my head. Voila - I was Leftovers. So fitting for a non-stop mom! Alright, it was kind of cheesy, pun intended, but it was a costume and I partied with my kids and friends. I couldn't ask for more.

More homemade costumes to come...


MostlyMommies - our new blog


Welcome to MostlyMommies' blog. It's mostly by me but I often use suggestions from my kids for our games page. It's one of the best list of free online games for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and up that you can find right now, if I may toot my own horn. Then again, I've been creating and maintaining the MostlyMommies.com website through its many changes and recreations since... wow... 2001 when it was hosted as a subsite. It grew, almost like my kids have! About 5 months ago, our family grew again so I can promise you this - future additions to the site will have more "boy" leanings as our newest addition is also my first boy! My girls absolutely adore and cherish the new "little man" and I already fear for how spoiled for girly attention he's getting. ;-)

I used to have a much broader scope on the site and I'm hoping now to return to a focus on crafting with kids and for kids as the games page was supposed to be one way to entertain kids while you craft... not necessarily the goal of the whole website.

So, since the blog part of MostlyMommies is new, I just want to point out, I'll be adding links to games here, too, but for the full list, you'll want to go to MostlyMommies free games page. We have some game reviews as well and I'm hoping to launch... ack... I don't dare say it in a public forum or it will pressure me to go through with it sooner rather than later.... rest assured, if I DO go through with it, it will be worth the wait.

And who knows when that will be? After all, I AMMM....

Halloween is coming!

Okay - THIS is the year. The year where I finally get my act together in early...ish September and start planning Halloween. Costumes, candy, timing...

With 3 kids to consider now, it won't be easy but with this much time, I should be able to... right?

I'm posting some links to costumes here but I need more help - got any info to share? I'm putting in links to Homemade costumes below and have included "pre fab", arrive at your door, ready to go costumes here: (Definitely, if you're at all crafty, scroll up or down (depending on when I got time to actually go through with the promise) for some great homemade costume ideas.)

Costumes for an 8 year old girl:
Asian princess - super cute
Cute Little Mermaid costume
Costumes for my 8 year old daughter that are age appropriate are hard to find. Even more so if I let her have TOO much say in the choice. I'm "short listing" costumes and then she can choose from the ones I've chosen. {please, let that work!!!} Again, I'm looking at homemade as the best response to the "tartification" of available costumes.

Costumes for a 6 year old girl:
(My 6 year old daughter is not a girly-girl so I don't need to worry that she'll be in something I won't approve of - she's more into being Spiderman or Scooby Doo but I imagine most people are looking for something at least a little girly...) As far as more feminine (but NOT inappropriate!) costumes go, I've found a couple:
Barbie as Mariposa
Sleeping Beauty - girls costume

Costumes for an infant boy:
You HAVE to check this one out - you won't be sorry - it's that funny! And, ahem, I won't tell anyone if you make it yourself...
Best baby boy Halloween costume - promise!
Now you see what I mean, right? Maybe your guy isn't quite as "windy" as mine but if my guy manages to be his usual gassy self while wearing that, it will all be part of the fun instead of ... having to blame the dog!

Our new neighbourhood is "the" Halloween place locally. I'm already researching how to take part in the neighbourhood festivities and while I didn't find costumes I'm interested in, I did find some amazing ideas at this site: Coolest Halloween Party Ideas - I like the Floating Ghosts idea and the Hands Floating in Blood beverage idea. The ghosts I may even try on my front lawn with an anchor of some sort. (Take helium balloons and drap a sheet over them, loosely tie the bottom of the sheet - TA DA - instant floating ghost... don't need to store one of those inflatable jobs over the year and I think it could be super effective if you paint the sheet with some glow paint ... or something!)

PB (precious boy) is waking up so I'd better get a move on if I want to eat something myself before the day is officially launched!

Homemade costume post will be up later on! Famous words... they won't be my last!