Bear in the Big Blue House

Hi Mommies!

Hunting around for a fun game for my boy this morning, I came across the Disney Babies site and found a whole bunch of great games for toddlers and preschoolers! The list includes Winnie the Pooh games, Handy Mandy and HigglyTown.

I found this one to be cute though! It is one of many Bear in the Big Blue house games available on the site.

Bear in the Big Blue house


A new game for preschoolers and toddlers

Hi everyone!

Today's game is: Fun With Spot
I can't believe it - Fun with Spot has been around since I first became a big sister close to 30 years ago... longer even, according to the site's Happy Birthday logo!

My kids love Spot, too. I enjoyed the books and now I love the game, too.

Enjoy and tell me what you think!

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