New tools for parents! Continuous monitoring fever stickers? YES!

Alright, who invented these and didn't tell me? I mean really, a cute sticker I can leave on to monitor my wriggly baby's fever? Genius. I just wandered across it like that but it makes me wonder "what else am I missing?"
Physio Logic Fever-Bugz Stick-On Fever Indicators - I don't want my son to get sick but I do want to try these so.... ;-)

Activities for autistic children online and offline - UPDATED

Hi Mommies! (mostly)

I feel bad when I see our visitors return and find no new activities posted! So this morning, I am putting in some time to list for you my favorite activities (both online and offline) and crafts. While they are fun to do with all your wee ones too, these can be especially fun and stimulating for autistic children.

Free home safety starter kit - still child proofing after all these years!

From HomeMade Simple, visit this page for a free starter kit as well as several videos and tutorials on home safety for children. There are First Aid kit lists too and I absolutely have to put together one for the car.
I am amazed child proofing doesn't seem to end at any age!

What's the last thing your wee (or not so wee) one got into?
HomeMade Simple free home safety starter kit

Stop your iPhone from tracking you in iOs 6

This is a short video tutorial I made showing how to disable the newly re-added tracking feature in iOs 6.
If you've upgraded to iOs 6 on your iDevice or if you have an iPhone 5, you may want to stop your iPhone from transmitting information about your habits to advertisers. Some people don't mind being tracked. I am not one of them.
This step takes less than a minute and keeps a little more of your information private - why give away your information? Maybe someday they'll offer an incentive to give this information out but until then, I will continue to disable these functions as often as possible.
The written steps follow the video below.
If you need more help, add a comment below and I will help if I can.

How to disable the tracking in your iPhone running iOs 6.
Go to Settings.
Go to General. (This caught me by surprise since I was looking under Privacy.)
Go to About. (Again, considering all the other options under General, About seemed like the least obvious place to put this option.)
At the very bottom of the About menu, choose Advertising.
Turn the switch On to limit your iPhone tracking you.

Cradle cap home remedy

Cradle cap
Or "cradle crap" as we've lovingly renamed it in our house. Bane of bald or peach fuzzed kids like mine because its so immediately visible on the scalp and it just won't go away with bath time. It can though! And without anything harsh so here we go.
You will need:
A shallow bowl with a little (maybe a tablespoon or two? I don't know ... A thin layer on the bottom of your bowl.)
Soft baby brush (they seem to come in every baby kit thing out there - where are all these babies with enough hair to brush?)
Get a little bowl of olive oil. My go-to oil! 
Dip your fingertips into the oil and then massage the oil onto your baby's scalp.
 I was quite generous because he seemed to really enjoy the massaging too. At this point is when I got my little guy into his bath and brushed the cradle crap out but you can brush before the bath time. Depends on your preference.

Get your soft brush - the really soft, not-good-for-much-else, bristled kind only - and massage the scalp in small circles.
 After about 30 seconds to a minute, take a look at the brush. Egads! See that cradle c(r)ap on the bristles? 

Give the brush a rinse and repeat over the entire area affected by the yucky stuff. I said until the brush is clean when you look at it but of course, use your own good parenting judgement. If the scalp appears to redden, stop. Try again later and be more gentle with the brush. The oil really, really is the trick since it loosens the cradle cap bond to the skin. The brush is just a little leverage.
Now bathe that baby! Shampoo the scalp gently and rinse away the rest of the oil and cradle cap.
Quite likely, you have a smiley cradle cap free (for a while) baby, ready to be scooped up into a warm baby towel.
Let me know how it works for you below!

Mostly Mommy

Diaper shortage - where can I get the best prices on diapers now?

There I was, changing a diaper and watching the presidential debate, when I read the tweet that struck fear into my heart like so many mommies around the world - "disposable diaper shortage likely, stockpiling underway".
Stockpiling? Diapers? A diaper shortage crisis??

A fatal explosion at a factory that makes the super-absorbent particles I often find on my son's bum has left the world wondering how to cover their behinds, pun intended. Check out this article at BabyCenter:

Sure enough, I checked Walmart where I order my huge box of diapers and it arrives at my door without my being led through aisles of "I didn't know I needed that until I saw it" baby items. Sure enough... The diapers that were $50 earlier this week (!!) are now $65. And there is no way the effect was felt THAT fast so tsk-tsk Walmart for hiking up the price, knowing parents were running for their wallets, screaming "oh my god, what if I have to switch to cloth?!?"

So, I tried my other source of free shipping diapers, at Guess what? $50 still! AND I joined the baby club there so $45!
I liked it so much, I'm giving the MostlyMommies readers this free $10 off $40 coupon code to use on their site. If you enter this coupon code in your cart, you will get $10 off your $40 purchase (buy diapers!) and the kind people at will give me $10 off my next $40 purchase too! It's all win-win-win today so here is the coupon code and I really recommend you take advantage before diaper prices change legitimately - they also have great prices on the rest of your family's pharmacy and baby gear needs.
Coupon code: MostlyMommies

New look going live

Alright! I went through a couple of growing pains but I think we are ready to get to adding the content now! Tag me #bitingoffmorethanIcanchew