Instagram, Facebook Page, blog - what's next?

Well, there is the MostlyMommies' Twitter account too. If people decide to follow, I'll add the games and apps links for toddlers there as well. Right now though, I am excited about the addition of an Instagram feed on our homepage, games page and blog. I have set it up to show the hashtag #mostlymommies so that Mommies on Instagram (there are lots of us!) can see their baby and toddler pictures on the MostlyMommies website!

How cool is that? You can show your baby their own picture - on the MostlyMommies website! Then find a game you both enjoy or visit the blog for more crafty and fun ideas.

Of course, it will have to be removed or moderated at least if it is abused so let's enjoy it!

Mostly Mommy

Blog style change up! What do you think?

Okay Mommies! Progress is good and I am updating the MostlyMommies blog. If you've arrived and it's hideous, my apologies - hopefully in the next 39 minutes or it will be less so!