Wish I could get a picture of

My husband and a mover-guy are in the balcony, lowering our sofa down to the ground from the second floor. It's the first snow storm of the year and everything is covered in snow! Not to mention, our flat (apartment) is the second floor of a heritage house here and the floors are slanty ... Seriously slanty. Anything round, including the wheels on our son's high chair, will roll to the middle of the house. (Unfortunately, "anything" also includes cat vomit ... Ewww)
So it's very dicey right now, with two men and a large leather couch that came in by the balcony but during less inclement weather, on a balcony seemingly designed to dump you off into the street. I'm just trying to stay out of the way and entertain the baby ... I want to be involved but there's barely enough room for one person, never mind three!
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But - here is a picture I took from our window this morning, showing what we woke up to, having decided today was packing the Uhaul day and tomorrow is the drive out of town day.

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Quiche glorious quiche

I absolutely love making quiche again!
I went off it for years and forgot pretty much everything since my kids are often fussy eaters or at the very least, they don't like the same things. Really though, once it came back to me, I realized how flexible they can be. The one in the picture below has cauliflower, mozzarella and ripped up pepperoni slices. Really, anything goes and because of the secret I'm about to share with you, it's a great weeknight meal. It's also great if you make several on Sunday and heat them up for a few night's meals.

The crust is the big secret. This is a delicious, flaky crust and it whips up in no time at all with ingredients most of us have on hand.
2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup COLD water (I put ice cubes in during the whisking stage)
Mix flour and salt in a bowl
Separately whisk ice cold water with olive oil - you'll see it thicken and this is good! Pour into the flour and mix with a fork until it becomes a ball of dough. Press into your quiche pan. tada! Put it in the fridge until you use it.

As I said, the quiche pictured has cauliflower (tastes amazing in quiche!), pepperoni pieces and mozzarella. I steamed the cauliflower and after it cooled a bit, I put the cauliflower and cheese into the quiche shell in the pie pan. The custard (that's what they called the egg mixture that I pour in to bind everything together) is one that I took away from the Swiss cheese and mushroom quiche recipe from the Moosewood cookbook.
Three or four eggs, depending on your quiche pan size and fullness. I use four but I don't end up using it all so ... you'll figure out what works for you.
4 eggs
1/4 cup of milk
3 tbsp flour
1 tsp mustard powder
Pepper and salt

These are fly by the seat of my pants directions but I haven't had a quiche fail yet.

Let me know how these instructions work for you and I will post improvements to the recipe and/or instructions.

When the snow starts to fall

Well, that's a crazy-making lead in!
First of all, there should be a mountain of snow outside the door of my current residence here in Montreal, Canada, and there is none. There's been a light snowfall but it was washed away by rain - which is normal for where I've been for the winters of the last 15 years, British Columbia.

Secondly, I am so relieved that the snow is behind schedule as we are about to drive, with our worldly belongings, across the country - Montreal to Vancouver.
Although we have a total of six kids in our blended family, only our youngest, 7 month old DS, will be in the vehicle with my DH and me.
Thank goodness! The car battery couldn't charge ALL of our devices for that long!
We have a wonderful vehicle for the trip and we are planning to rent a Uhaul as well. Unfortunately, when I asked them if their vehicles have winter tires, the response was a rather flippant "it's hard to put them on and take them off but feel free to buy some yourself". Seriously. If that is an indication of future customer service, I'm looking at alternatives. Anyone have any ideas?
We will be tweeting and blogging merrily across the country "when the snow starts to fall"! Won't you join us?
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My holiday wish

For the holiday season of 2012, my wish is for my whole family to be together.

We have one of these modern "blended" families. It's been a struggle for all of us (this story goes well beyond a seasonal wish) because we are geographically separated. Not just a short drive either. Three of the kids are about 5000 miles away - and one of them has been temporally separated from us in such a painful rendering, I don't touch on that spot.

Between my husband and I, we have six children, with 5 parents. I'm so grateful for the time we spend together but it's been piecemeal so...

In my holiday wish, we are all in the same place at the same time, enjoying the emotional wealth that our big family affords.

Is Santa/the universe listening? I think he/it is.

Towards that end, the MostlyMommies family is about to embark on a cross-country journey. Join us! And please - seriously - keep an eye on us as we drive because it's winter and ... well, it's cold, snowy and just a little scary!!!

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