Cardboard stackers! A craft you can actually play with after you're done crafting!

Okay, any age kid will enjoy making the craft, with different skill levels totally adaptable by mommy! And then ... Drum roll ... Any age kid will enjoy playing with the result! These little stackers can be made in varying sizes and colors. They can be used simply as building blocks (sort of) or, I just imagined some sort of Star Trek-style 3D Tic-Tac-Toe! Use the colors to make that one work or come up with your own game and that'll be part of the fun! Thanks for this great craft post goes to... Meaningful Mama

Meaningful Mama: Day #161 Cardboard Stackers

Kids respond to color and choice when they're eating

I found this great idea for serving toddler snacks in an ice cube tray! Serve colorful toddler-sized snacks in an ice cube tray - it refers to another article I read about how children prefer choice and color at meal time. Kids prefer choices and colors when eating I still love the oatmeal pancakes recipe I posted here a while back but I'm always looking for ways to get the kids to eat healthy!